Lunch-Rotisserie Chicken sandwiches day 2

Living in an RV full time has some definite benefits. For one your home is one wheels which makes it really easy to get a change of scenery almost any time you wish. All that’s required is the motivation and a few gallons of diesel fuel and you’ve moved! Right now Nancy and I are using Livingston Escapees park as our “home base”. What this really means to a full-timer is that we have all our vehicles registered here. We have our dentist in the area, doctors, veterinarians etc. We come back here when we have those sorts of domestic chores to accomplish. Right now we are spending time here while Nancy has some dental work sorted out.

A few months ago Nancy started having some pain in one of her teeth. We were on our way across country from the northeast heading for the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico and stopped off in Amarillo Texas on the way. While there Nancy decided she needed to have the tooth looked at as soon as possible. She found a dentist willing to get her in and found that she needed a root canal. Luckily for her, the dentist she found was very good and got the job done quickly and with very little pain. Or so we thought…

A few weeks later after seeing the Balloon Festival and spending some time in Carlsbad Caverns, Alamogordo, Cloud Croft NM and exploring the Trinity site (site of the first atomic explosion only open twice per year to the public) the pain returned. Nancy contacted the dentist who prescribed her some anti-biotic’s over the phone. When the anti-biotic worked to cure her pain the dentist assumed the problem must be that he missed a root and recommended that she return so that he could complete the job.

By this point it was late in December and those of you who know Amarillo know that it gets cold up there in the winter. She had also won tickets to a Cowboys game via one of her sweeps so we made the several hundred mile trek back north via Arlington to brave the elements.

We stayed at Oasis RV park, which certainly did not resemble anything oasis like at this time of the year in Amarillo. Nancy’s appointment was for the following day and we couldn’t wait to get it out of the way and get out of there. When we arrived the winds were gusting into the 40mph range and the temps were in the 30’s for highs.

Nancy’s appointment went well enough that upon arriving back at the coach she was ready to leave. We packed up and hit the road within the hour and made a run for warmer climes. That night we drove all the way down to just north of Fredericksburg and spent the night boon-docking at a Walmart before heading over to Ladybird Johnson State park. We avoided the snow and raised our average temps by about 20 degrees!

It appears that this time the dentist was successful in completing the job but we have decided to find a dentist here in Livingston to set the crown. Once that is done we will again be free to roam about the country!

Lunch today was very pedestrian, same as yesterday actually (Rotisserie Chicken cold cut sandwiches). I shook it up today by putting them on Kings Hawaiian mini sub snackers sweet rolls. I really enjoy the Kings Hawaiian breads, they have a nice texture and add a nice sweetness to a standard cold cut sandwich. No Pringles today though, saving room for dinner. 😉


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