Breakfast worthy of an Admiral!

The weather here in Livingston has been rather erratic of late. We are in one of the few spots in the US who hasn’t gotten snow yet this year, so we have that going for us. Temperatures are generally chilly overnight and into morning, lately as low as the 20’s but usually 40’s for lows. The sun here is still fairly strong though, so on most days temps will be in the upper 50’s to highs of over 70. Like I said, the sun is strong so the sun coming in through any unshaded windows will warm a room quickly. The cats love it!

Today for breakfast I’m planning something extravagant! My breakfast this morning combines the flavors of Thailand with the bounty of the plains of the US. This sweet and crunchy concoction flavored with peanut has been a staple of my and millions of others diets for many years now. What is this tantalizing treat that so many have enjoyed?

Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter crunch!

Just hearing the *tink – tink* as these little sugary, peanut flavored balls of grain and corn flour hit the bowl is enough to awaken the spirit of any young boy or girl. Add about a cup of H.E.B.’s finest 2% milk and boy howdy! You got yourself a breakfast fit for an Admiral!


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