Asian Night in East Texas!

Good evening fellow BadDieters!

The Escapees park here in Livingston is really more of an RV neighborhood than a normal RV park. There are numerous residences found within the park, most all have accommodations for a motor-home including, pad (usually concrete but occasionally gravel), water, electric (30 or 50 amp), and sewer. The residences themselves can range from a simple “park model” trailer up to beautiful log cabins nestled in the woods around the park. You can spend the better part of a day just taking the dogs for a walk down the many winding roads, checking out the different configurations and chatting with the folks you meet along the way.

Now for dinner, Chef Nancy is preparing an Asian delight for our approval. The primary “base” will be from the kitchens of Annie Chun’s. Annie Chun’s has a line of Asian meal starters straight from exotic San Rafael CA. Tonight, we will be sampling Organic Peanut Sesame chicken.

The preparation of the meal starters is rather similar to Hamburger Helper in so far as you simply add your favorite meat and whatever veggies you crave. We have decided on chicken that Nancy has lovingly diced into bite size chunks and for the veggie we have gone with snow peas and a lovely broccoli slaw from Walmart.

Opening the box you find only two components, a package of straight chow mein noodles and a package of peanut sauce. The noodles need to be boiled for 4-5 minutes before being added to your favorite meat and veggies with the sauce and stir fried until the chicken is cooked through.

While cooking, the smell from the peanut sauce really comes through. It provides a very bold peanuty smell with just a hint of sesame. Since we added a bit more veggies than suggested (I am theeater1 after all) we decided that adding a bit more sauce might be prudent. For this we chose Annie Chun’s gourmet Thai Peanut sauce.

Now the taste. As usual Nancy executed the preparations to perfection! The noodles had a slight wheat flavor that blended well with the peanut sauces. The chicken was tender and also worked well with the noodles and sauce. I chose to add a bit of soy sauce to mine to give it a bit of a sesame noodle flair, divine!

Nancy summed it up best, “Healthy and yummy!” a winner!

Thanks Annie Chun’s!


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