Breakfast of Chubbians!

Good Morning Readers!

My first submission to MyBadDiet comes to you from Livingston TX. Livingston is a small town about an hour north of Houston. For RV’ers like my wife and I Livingston’s claim to fame is as the home of Escapees. Escapees is a group dedicated to living the RV Lifestyle. The park here in Livingston is home to the Escapees Mail service and as such becomes the “home” address of many Escapee members who live full-time in their RV’s. I don’t know exactly how many Livingston “residents” are Escapees but it has got to be a good portion of the total population of the town. Needless to say Polk County and Livingston are very RV friendly.

Breakfast today wasn’t hugely exciting, it consisted of a Jimmy Dean D-lights sausage egg and cheese on a english muffin. I discovered these while work-camping in Sweeney Texas. My wife Nancy made the mistake of sending me out to do the shopping. After cruising the frozen breakfast sandwich aisle at the Walmart in Bay City (a ten minute drive from Sweeney) I found these little frozen morsels.

For a frozen “light” breakfast sandwich, I must say they are pretty flavorful. The whole grain muffin is as good as you could expect from a microwave muffin, while the turkey sausage actually has some real flavor and the American cheese is actually cheese-like! The egg is yolk free and does a decent job of tasting like a yolk free egg.

Nancy just found a coupon for these quick, tasty treasures today at the Jimmy Dean site. (click coupon above to go directly there) Normal price around here at Walmart is $4.50 for a 4 pack. Not too shabby for a quick easy meal on the go!


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