1st Blog Lunch

Today I ate lunch while posting about my breakfast. I didn’t get the idea about this blog until around 11am Livingston time (CST) and wanted to try to include a full day of BadDiet’ing so I had one full meal of catchup to do.

Whew! Glad that’s over, now I’m all up to date!

Lunch today was a simple sandwich and a handful of Pringles. The sandwich was prepared by Nancy, and consisted of Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken Breast by Oscar Myer, Sargento natural provolone cheese (3 slices) on H.E.B Honey wheat (free with a gallon of milk purchase) and some Dukes Southern Mayo. The Pringles were the Family Favs Cheddar BBQ.

I really liked the Rotisserie Chicken and the provolone had a nice bite to it. Since we arrived down south I had to find a replacement for my previous favorite Mayo (Cains) and have been a big fan of Dukes since. Dukes can be found pretty readily here in Texas. We have found it as far north as Amarillo and as far south as Galveston.

Pringles are the type of chips you either love or hate. I think they are great as long as you don’t compare them to actual potato chips. The Family Favs Cheddar BBQ have a slightly stronger flavor than some others, I would classify them as bold.

My drink with lunch today was a Gatorade Perform Ice Punch.

And of course the whole meal was put together with love by my wife so it was just that much better!


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1 Response to 1st Blog Lunch

  1. Nancy Parker says:

    Sounds like your wife made a great lunch! 😉

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